Florida The UPS Store sold March 2019
$1,099,000.00 asking price. Sold for more than asking price at $1,122,500.00

Seller – “Jim McElroy was there to sell me my business 14 years ago. When it came time to sell, there was no one else to call but Jim. He knows what he is doing.”


Buyer – “What a seamless transition this has been for us in buying this business, with thanks to Jim McElroy. He helped us through all the pieces of the transfer of ownership, so we were focused on getting in and running the business vs. all of the things that could have taken us months longer to accomplish.”

North Carolina The UPS Store sold February 2019
$799,000.00 asking price. Sold for full asking price.

Seller – “Thank you Jim for helping us sell our business. Your expertise and style was fantastic. We feel very happy with the new buyer being able to take over after our 21 years of building the business and retire with Peace of mind”

Buyer – “Thanks to Jim McElroy, I found the perfect business match. After the rough sale of my previous business with a broker, I was not prepared for such a pleasant business buying experience with Jim. I look forward to dealing with him again when I am ready to retire”.

Georgia The UPS Store sold April 2019
$1,199,000.00 asking price. Contracted for $990,000.00.

Seller – “We had no clue what to do when we thought about retirement and selling our business. Jim made it so easy to understand all of the complicated aspects and brought us a perfect buyer.”

South Carolina The UPS Store sold August 2020
$1,299,000.00 asking price. Contracted for $1,250,000.00.

Seller – “We knew that we were going to trust Jim McElroy when it came time to retire. He helped us when we got into Mail Boxes Etc. in the 90’s, and is the only one who understands how to fairly and easily get through a tough and complicated process”.